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ANGLER has expertise and experience in various testing technologies & frameworks. We offer end-to-end software testing services for web / mobile applications to enhance your software quality, help you get out of time to market.

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Web & Mobile Application Testing Services

We help you accelerate releases & stay compliant with requirements

Increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application.
Replicate testing across different platforms.

What we do
  • Automated test script creation and execution
  • Functional testing with API checking
  • Integrate with CI/CD and improve the overall quality
  • Reduced Regression Cost & faster time to market
  • Multi-Platform testing with better testing quality
Testing Tools

Eradicates bad reputation, failures to meet expected sales goals.
Improves user experience on sites & web apps.

What we do
  • Increased throughput
  • System-level performance testing
  • Stress & Scalability testing
  • Continuous performance testing
  • Reducing infra-requirement by tuning and optimizing apps
  • Response time under different load levels
Testing Tools

We verify if the information security of hardware, software, networks or an IT/information
system environment is protected against any vulnerabilities & if it functions as intended.

What we do
  • Complete vulnerability testing
  • Client-side security test
  • Meets the data security and session management
  • Pre &post attack phase planning & testing
  • Ethical Hacking to Prevent a Potential Intrusion
Testing Tools

Ensure that your mobile app meets business goals & identify issue ahead of customer.
Compatibility with various devices & OS version.

What we do
  • Automated UI framework using APPIUM
  • Managed crowd testing
  • Performance and accessibility testing
  • Privacy and security testing
  • Testing on multiple real devices via cloud

With the intent of finding software bugs we do different types of testing
manually to evaluate the functionality and eliminate defects.

What we do
  • Requirements analysis and clarification
  • Test planning and test design
  • Execute test reports defect validation
  • Our KPI describes the overall project quality
  • We have bug tracking and task management systems

Assist client to achieve improved efficiency by optimizing people/tool
utilization, and reducing testing costs.

What we do
  • Keeping Up with Trends
  • Existing Quality Process Assessment
  • Building Test Automation CoE for clients
  • Testing Accelerators, Frameworks & Best practices
  • Continuous assessment and improvement for testing tools, processes and standards

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