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Today, every organization realizes Enterprise Mobility Solution across multiple platforms is the way to address the challenges and make business flourish. We could see cross platform mobile application development is rising with introduction of different mobile operating systems. Further, as every consumer now looks for compatibility between various brands app development should be done considering different browsers and devices.

ANGLER with its extensive experience leverages the best practices and remains one-stop-shop for Custom and Enterprise mobile solution requirements across multiple platforms. By using mobile development frameworks, such as AngularJS, Sencha, Titanium or Phone Gap and by exploring innovative ways we serve the innovative large & mid-sized companies. Our solutions have enabled our client’s to transform their innovative ideas into live mobile products, services and business solutions.

As Enterprise mobility hastens operation processes, delivers flexible working practices and gives greater employee productivity we stay at the forefront of these mobile solutions to execute customer needs and reach new customers. Our custom and enterprise mobile solutions enable our client’s to be connected to any device in any location.


  • Easy access to various smart-phones Operating System
  • Integration with native features of the device
  • Saves time and yields better with less investment.
  • Cross-platform applications that run on different smart phones & tablets.
  • Reaching a wide range of markets

To implement a unified mobile strategy, expand potential customer reach and foster a more efficient workplace by increasing employee productivity in the office and on the go look no further contact us.

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