A pioneering India-based Internet-solutions company with offices worldwide. Our unique Full Service Provider (FSP) solutions model brings you the best of the worlds of Offshore Software Development, E-Business Products and Interactive Media.

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If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) / Software Product Development Company or an exciting Technology Start-up, we can partner with you to either augment or outsource your development & testing needs for faster delivery and free up your valuable resources to focus on core business.

Our ANGLER HeadStart is a unique Outsourced Product Development (OPD) model - a break-through software outsourcing model of partnering with ISVs and Software Product companies, making us the ideal Product Development Partner for your needs:

If you are a Software Services Company or Software Consultant looking for a reliable IT company to outsource your projects then ANGLER with its proven delivery mechanism and qualified talent pool is the ideal company. We can also work closely with your teams for estimation, development, testing and support for your software projects.

Our robust yet flexible ''Value-for-Money'' Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model brings you the best of India advantage of Quality & Reliability along with substantial Cost-Savings, making us the preferred Offshore Development Partner:

If your company is into Media or Digital Marketing or Web Development, and want to improve your value chain by offering technical services to your end client, you can partner with us to harness the offshore model of ''Design there, Produce Here''.

Our offshore Design Teams can work with your creative designers in a collaborative manner for a plethora of services like Web design, UI Designs, 2D & 3D Animation and Online Marketing giving you Scalability, Productivity & Cost Benefits.

If you are part of the top management or heading a particular department, then ANGLER can be your Full Service Provider for Software Solutions & Online Strategies providing the right balance between quality and cost.

ANGLER aims to be your Reliable IT Partner providing innovative products, generating value with custom solutions, architecting your online road-map or building mobile application platforms while ensuring delivery of the highest quality.

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Automation Testing is best suited for projects that require substantial amount of tests. To repeat test case, improve quality & overcome common challenges automated testing is more reliable and way quicker.  Whenever coding updates are made or new functions are developed we use reliable automation testing tools to increase test speed, test efficiency and software

Adoption of new technologies is paramount to succeed & gain competitive advantage. ANGLER being a reputed web design & development firm provides top quality website design, web development, custom web app development services to help brands grow online. To be competitive, we keep on adopting new technologies / tools that allow us to do more in less time. One

Lead Generation is the process of developing sales pipeline.  Entrepreneurs must focus on each step in this process to build continuous relationships with potential buyers. To efficiently convert leads into sales field sales persons must collect the database of the customers.  For this particular market need we have an application developed wherein admin can manage

Testing Solutions helps recognize the bugs in the software, identify any performance related issues before customers do. Statics state that 86% of respondents delete an application after experiencing poor performance. Any software application released without doing performance testing, may suffer from issues such as: running slow while several users using it simultaneously, inconsistency across operating

Ideally, if you want to test your app on all browsers and all platforms to make sure that your web site or web application functions correctly in various web browsers selenium is the best tool for the job. Selenium supports and encourages Automation Testing of web-based applications across a wide range of browsers[ for cross


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